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Patented Pusher Kit


When comparing a 14′ Box Plow to a 20′ Wing Plow with the patented Pusher kit, which are both pushed with the same sized 25,000 lb. machine, you gain over 45% greater capacity and six additional feet of width. This means fewer overall passes per lot.  Available on All Sizes of Wing Plows and Standard on Straight Blades

  • 45% faster by capacity

  • 45% fewer passes by width

  • 2.5 hours to complete a 4-hour job

  • 21 fewer passes for a million sq. ft. lot

Not only does the Daniels Wing Plow and Straight Blade with the Patented Pusher Kit carry more snow and cover more ground than comparable Box Plows, the Daniels Angle Blades are able to provide curb-to-curb service where the long side plates of a Box Plow do not. The articulation of the machine, as well as the angling of the Wing Plow, allows you to precisely follow curbs and other obstacles.

Transporting a 20′ Wing Plow is as easy as folding back the Wings and angling the plow down to 10’6″ for travel. No loading the plow on to a flat bed to transport. If the snow becomes too deep and heavy, just fold back the Wings and cut through! Don’t push to a stop, which is the only option with a box plow in these conditions.

Daniels Plows vs. comparable Box Plows

(in cubic yards)

Without Pusher Kit With Pusher Kit vs. Comparable Box Plow
Straight Blade
12′ 5 ¼ 7 ¾ 8′ Skid Steer Box = 3 ¾
14′ 6 9 10′ Skid Steer Box = 7
Wing Plow
14′ 7 ½ 14 ¼ 10′ Backhoe Box = 7 ¾
16′ 8 ½ 16 ¼ 12′ Loader Box = 9 ¼
18′ 9 ½ 18 ½ 12′ Loader Box = 9 ¼
20′ 10 ¾ 20 ½ 14′ Loader Box = 10 ¾

To sustain an effective ground speed with a 25,000 lb. wheel loader, a 14′ Box Plow is the largest Box Plow that could be used. Pushing a larger Box with a 25,000 lb. machine would result in pushing to a stop and not being able to complete a full pass. The same 25,000 lb. Machine can push a 20′ Wing Plow with a patented Pusher kit. A 25,000 lb. Machine could NOT push a 20′ Box Plow, yet it can easily handle a 20′ Wing Plow with the Patented Pusher Kit.