By using one plow to both push and stack tons of snow, you eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment at the job site. The patented, fold-back wing design lets you reduce the plow size by up to 50% for unsurpassed maneuverability, ease of transport, and when conditions call for a smaller plow size.

Folded Wing Plow

Up to 35 degree hydro-turning in both directions adds further flexibility and efficiency to your snow plowing. The Daniels Wing Plows are available in four sizes from 14 to 20 feet. Larger sizes built to order upon request. Daniels Wing Plows also are available with options such as the Patented Pusher Kit for better performance. Curb guards can also be added for durability. The Daniels Wing Plow also can be equipped to mount to virtually any machine with quick couplers for wheel loaders and skid steers, as well as tractors without a front end boom.

Standard Options

  • Hydraulic cylinder roads are black nitride treated for 5x corrosion resistance and extreme durability.
  • Double-acting cylinders w /max. strije at 35 degrees
  • Cushioning Relief Valve
  • Double Wing Hinge Design
  • Reversible Steel Wear Edges

Available Options

Wing Plow Specifications

Model Number3412!3414341634183420
Plow Width12'14'16'18'20'
Center Plow8'10'10'12'12'
Each Wing2'2'3'3'4'
Width Hydro-Turned with wings closed6'9"8'6"8'6"10'6"10'6"
Width Hydro-Turned with wings open10'11'6"13'1"14'8"16'4"
Plow Construction
Material10 ga.10 ga.10 ga.10 ga.10 ga.
Height 34"34"34"34"34"
Vertical Reinforcing Ribs:
Hinged Tripping Points55577
King Pin Diameter2 1/2"2 1/2"2 1/2"2 1/2"2 1/2"
Trip Springs22446
Shipping Wt. (lbs.) 25502900305034004000
Wear Edge
3/4" x 8"3/4" x 8"3/4" x 8"3/4" x 8"3/4" x 8"

Recommended Wheel Loader Size
14' 10,000 to 15,000 lbs.
16' 18,000 to 23,000 lbs.
18' 20,000 to 25,000 lbs.
20' 23,000 to 32,000 lbs.
Wing Plow with pusher kits add 3,000-5,000 lbs.

Patented Pusher Kit

  • Featuring our exclusive spring-loaded trip design
  • Keeps snow in front of the blade
  • Prevents snow from spilling over the sides
  • Increases capacity up to 45%
  • Available in all sizes
  • More info »

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Wing Plow


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